Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not another New Year's Resolution!

Can you just imagine the title for my post today in a whiny, annoying voice? Well, that's what I said to myself all last week. "You're not really going to make another New Year's Resolution, are you?" No. I'm not. And here's why:

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When I make a promise to myself, I always say what sounds good. Oh yes, it will be so much FUN to wake up at 5 a.m. and hop on the treadmill because that is what healthy, happy people do. Right? Or, I will stop eating take-out so much because financially responsible people do that, too. They budget. I'll give more. Take less. Start all the projects I didn't finish last year. Eat healthier. Brush my hair more often. Stop being so angry all the time. Wait. Why am I so angry all the time? Why do I walk around some days just mad at myself?

I know why. I finally realized the hidden secret to why all my other attempts at New Years' Resolutions have failed. I'm disorganized. Did you know that I lost like 35 pounds or something in 2010? Yep. This time, two years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom and discovered Clean Eating. I went full force into a workout program and completely detoxified my diet. I felt fabulous. I looked great. My skin was GLOWING. Why would I ever STOP what I was doing? Well, I started working again. I got lazy. Too much was happening and I wasn't organizing. Then we started our own company, Market Street Stamps, and everything took a front seat while I took a back seat. That's silly because how could I take care of everything else if I wasn't taking care of myself?

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Over the past year and a half, I've tried many times, unsuccessfully, to get back into the exercise and Clean Eating regimen. Here's the funny thing - it is not hard. Once you learn HOW to eat and WHAT to do to reach your target fitness goal, it is not hard. It just takes organization. Once I am running, I feel the weight of all my responsibilities lift off my shoulders. When I'm doing squats and adding more weight each week, I feel like a Warrior Princess. Bicep curls empower my soul. I'm strong on the inside and out. But how do I get back to that? How do I start working towards a goal that seems SO huge when my time for myself is minimal?

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LISTS. Prioritize. I need to schedule each moment of my day because my brain does not magically make those lists for me. So that's it. That IS my lifetime Resolution that will hopefully lead me to a magically better place in my own body. I am going to schedule my time. I already started to last month. It honestly works. When I listed everything I needed to do (Gosh, this seems so simple as I type, but it is a habit that I HAVE to get into!), I got it all done. Amazing. The weeks I didn't, I got only 50% of my tasks completed.

I am busy, and I am pressed for time. I have a lot of people counting on me, but I can't let the pressure I feel control how I take care of myself anymore. There have been countless times this past year that I wanted to run away and hide. No one told me owning my own business would be this hard. - oh wait. Yeah they did. I just didn't listen. ;)

Here's the cool thing - I believe God (and you can believe the Universe, Karma, whatever you want, cause that's not what this is about - it's about having FAITH) puts people in my life for a reason. Sometimes it's to teach me a lesson, sometimes it's to give me love that I often times don't give myself. People told me to keep going, that it would be ok. Brush yourself off and keep moving forward. Sometimes all I needed was a hug, or someone to laugh at my jokes to make me feel like I was still worthy of living this life I've been given (and I praise God that my children think I am the funniest being in the universe, because most days, their smiles are all I need to keep me moving).

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So today, January 1st, I am not making just "another New Year's Resolution". I am resolving to scheduling my time, and nurturing my faith for the rest of my life. I have so much to be thankful for, yet don't often appreciate it enough. And that's easy to do with the hustle and bustle of each day. But God has carried me through some pretty dark times, and I'm not about to give up on Him now.

So tell me, what are your Resolutions? Did you make any? If not, why?

See you soon (on my new site coming in the next few DAYS I hope)!
xoxo Angelica

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  1. Ok Amiga! I have to be A LOT more organized too!!! I think we share the same problema! So, I will start with this organizing thing too! GRACIAS!